Top 8 Modern Sleeping Chairs To Use In 2020 – Ultimate Guide

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Sleeping chairs have become the latest trend in the furniture market, and people are using these chairs as an alternative to beds. These chairs are unique and functional to be used as a bed to give comfort to the people while working in the day time.

These are multipurpose, which means these chairs can be used as beds and chairs at the same time.

Sleeper chairs are commonly used in homes and offices as they are easy to use and can be converted into beds without taking much space. 

sleeping chair

Sleeping chairs are an excellent choice for people who don’t like to live in an environment with a clutter of furniture.

Apart from being used as a bed, these chairs offer optimal comfort, great usability, innovative design, and portability as well.

Sleeping chairs have become a part of modern furniture and help us to live a comfortable life in homes.

These are the perfect chairs for people who work from home and who have to sit for hours. Freelancers and individuals who work remotely can use these chairs conveniently.

There are numerous benefits of sleeping chairs which you might already know, but still, we want to put some light on them so that you keep all these factors in mind when buying a sleeping chair for yourself.

Check out these benefits as below:-

Benefits of Sleeping Chairs

Unlike conventional chairs, sleeping chairs come with extended features that don’t only include comfort, but offer many advantages in different ways.

The best feature of these chairs is that these come with a recliner back to make them a full flatbed to sleep at night.

These chairs help users in maintaining good body posture by keeping the spine aligned with the body and prevent back pain despite sitting for hours.

Besides, it can be used as an additional chair to accommodate your guests when needed. 

Sleep chairs come with extra cushioning to support your back and keep you in a balanced position. There are various types of sleeper chairs widely available on the market. 

Some are foldable, pull out chairs and others come with armchairs. If you are going to buy for the first time, then you will probably feel hesitant to choose the best one, and there are lots of factors that can influence your choice. 

Here, we have worked out standard criteria for new as well as repeat customers to evaluate each product before making a final choice from a wide range of sleeping chairs. 

Foam Thickness

Most of the sleeper chairs are made up of foam which are compulsory elements to provide comfort to the people.

So, the cushions installed in these chairs are made up of foams varying in thickness and generally measured in inches.

The comfort is dependent on the thickness of the foam so you can choose the thickness level to get the desired level of comfort.

It is obvious that the higher the density of the foam, the higher comfort you will get.


Quality has always remained a considerable factor in the selection of any product. A quality product lasts longer and remains comfortable.

So, when you plan to buy a sleeper chair, make sure you buy a quality chair that is reliable and durable as well.

You can take help from the reviews available on the internet to check what customers say about these products before buying them. 

Portable and Moveable

If you would like to use a sleeper chair around the home i.e. in the bedroom or guest room, then you should pick the portable chair that either comes with wheels or feet so that you can easily move it around. 


It is an important factor for the selection of the chair because sleeper chairs are frequently used in the home and over time, their fabric gets dirty and full of dust mites.

If you buy a chair that does come with removable fabric, then you wouldn’t be able to wash it.

If you want to buy a chair, then make sure its fabric can be removed and always choose a dark color fabric so that it doesn’t get dirty so quickly. 


If you purchase a chair that doesn’t last long and needs frequent repair again and again, then your money is wasted. So, it is recommended to always inquire about the durability of any brand before purchasing it and search for it from the internet. 

Adjustable Armrests

A sleeping chair with an armrest can be a great source of comfort to use and adjustable armrests would help you use it conveniently. 

Our team has searched some of the best sleeping chairs ranging in functionality, comfort, and decoration to let the people choose among them.

Here is the list :-

1. D&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeper Chair

If you are looking for a portable folding chair without any steel frame, then D&D Futon is just made for you.

The chair comes in dazzling black color with amazing design and offers comfort to the users at a reasonable cost. 

It comes with high-density foam to offer great comfort, but make durable sitting and useable for years. It’s compact size and built let it easily fit for any space in the home. 

The bed comes in the dimensions of 32×70 inches with 6-inch foam thickness, which is adequate to let anyone sleep at night on this chair. 

The versatile chair is easy to move around, especially when you expect some guests to be used as an additional chair.

 If you invest in D&D Chair, you will get durability, great value for money and usability as well. It is a multipurpose chair that can be placed in the guest room, studios and offices as well. 


  • Portable and Easy to move
  • Elegant Design and Build
  • High-density foam
  • High Users’ Rating


  • Little pricier
  • The chair makes a lot of heat

2. Stone & Beam Kristin Chair and a Half Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

The traditional shape sofa chair is introduced as a new concept of furniture for sitting and sleeping. It enhances the appeal of your bedroom and can be used to accommodate unexpected guests. 

It offers plenty of space when used as a pull-out twin bed and gives a handy option to in size when pulling out and accommodates extra guests at home. 

The chair is made of polyester fabric, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Stone and Beam Kristin’s chair is made with hardwood and laminate frame, making it a firm support for the bed.

Its stylish arm shapes make this a classic chair that allows it to blend with most the decoration of the home. The chair dimensions 55.5×72 inches when turned into a bed, and that is enough letting a single person to sleep comfortably.

The chair features impressive upholstery and presents a modern casual look to make a remarkable piece of decoration in your home. Stone and Beam Kristin use poly                Dracon foam, which makes it a comfortable chair to use with your partner.

The chair comes pre-assembled and doesn’t need any assembling to use. The best thing about Stone and Beam Kristin Chair is the 30days return option and a three-year warranty, enabling users to enjoy extended benefits from the company.


  • Come in a range of colors
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Pre-assembles chair
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • It is prone to stains and dust

3. Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Chair

The chair seems exactly like a traditional sofa seat, but its contemporary look has made it fascinating. The chair is suitable to use both in outdoor and indoor environments. The chair carries exotic black PU leather, which makes it highly comfortable and maintainable. 

Whether you use this chair for your favorite TV program or afternoon siesta, the chair gives the best use for any purpose. 

Its high-density foam makes this chair a comfortable and easy to clean. Its push-back recliner built and adjustable footrest doubles its comfort, the additional wide armrests, and large seat makes this a must-have chair at home. 

Its durable steel frame carries the thicker foam padding to let users sit comfortably on this chair. The chair is so compact that it takes a little space to set up and can be moved easily anywhere in the home. 

The chair offers maximum seating capacity up to 265 lbs, which allows people with huge weight to use this chair conveniently.  The chair carries four plastic feet fixed at the bottom, which makes it easy to roll and move around in the home. 

The chair has perfect dual stitching, which doesn’t make it elegant and durable to use for a long time. The sofa is easily convertible into a bed whenever you need to sleep or even can be useful to serve any visiting guest.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to move and use
  • Offers a huge value of money
  • Perfect size


  • It is prone to stains and dust

4. Giantex 5-position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair, Sleeper Dorm Game Bed Couch Lounger Sofa Chair Mattress

Ginatex 5-Position adjustable convertible chair is rated as the best in the line. The chair is made of ultra-suede fabric and high-grade foam incorporated in a metal spring frame to make a cozy experience for users while lounging or napping in the noon.

The chair consists of non-slip feet that make it a stable and safe chair both for sleeping and sitting. Its sturdy shape and innovative construction make it durable and lasting for a long time.

The foldable chair offers five adjustable positions to support different positions of people for sleeping and sitting at the same time. 

The foldable chair offers five adjustable positions, which help people to use it in different positions like sleeping and sitting at the same time. 

Since the chair can be folded into five different positions, so it would not be difficult to use in various positions.

It can be easily used by people of all ages due to its folding positions. Its compact shape and design make it easy to transport from one place to another around the home.

Its ergonomic design supports different sleeping positions and allows them to conveniently use this chair.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight and sturdy build
  • Offers 5 adjustable positions


  • Easily gets dirty and stain

5. Giantex Updated Folding Massage Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Sofa Lounger Bed

Giantex Lazy Sofa incorporates features like detachable seat cushions, adjustable sofa chair, ergonomically designed armrests, full padded cushions, and durable street frames.

The chair is available in vibrant colors, allowing users to pick the one that goes well with the home décor.

The chair can be converted into a comfortable bed anytime to let people sleep.

The sofa is spacious enough to accommodate people with different heights and even allows them to extend the length up extent that can hold their legs and feet.

The adjustable chair offers five reclining angles to enable people to use the position which suits them.

The chair can be converted into a flatbed to make a comfortable bed with an additional pillow for a quick nap or sleep.

Its high-grade cushion provides maximum support and perfectly aligns your body to keep your body aligned. The chair is best to use for back pain and its frame to keep you stable.

 Giantex depicts perfection of workmanship and detailed connecting procedure, making the chair more comfortable and durable to use.

The chair easily converts into a bed, perfect to use in bedrooms, apartments, and offices. It is the best option for sleepers who look for a multipurpose chair for home use. 


  • High-quality padding
  • Amazing design
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Easily maintainable


  • Not designed for heavy people

6. Giantex Updated Folding Massage Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Sofa Lounger Bed

MAINSTAYS provide a great looking sleeper sofa with contemporary design and amazing finishing. The sofa can be used for sitting in the day and for sleeping at night.

The sofa is best to provide unannounced guests to offer them a sleeping area and a spacious sitting space. The sofa carries thickly padded seat cushions and back cushions to make you feel like a home.

The sofa cushions provide lumbar support and comfortable bedding for the people for sitting and sleeping.

Its stain-resistant material further enhances its usability and saves from lots of hassles of cleaning the sofa.

The wide space sofa has dimensions 54x30x36 inches can be easily converted into a twin size sleeper, allowing people to sleep comfortably.

The company offers a variety of colors to allow users to match the decor of their homes while getting comfortable seating. 


  • Easily converted into a bed
  • Contemporary design
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Comfortable and durable


  • It carries a thin mattress

7. Giantex 26.5" Convertible Sofa Bed Folding Arm Chair

Giantex sofa bed carries a sleek design and sturdy build incorporating metal fixture to make it durable for use. 

Its adjustable backrest angles allow users to turn the sofa into five adjustable positions up to their comfort using the backrest.

The different angles of the sofa cater to the needs of different people for various positions. The chair incorporates 360-degree PP hind wheels making it a portable chair to move.

The sofa features a stable frame, making it sturdier and safer to use in the home. Its removable cover makes it a favorite sofa for the users because it can be washed at home.

Giantex is a reliable and effective chair, which is ideal for resting, relaxing, and lounging at home and office as well. This folding can be easily stored, and it doesn’t take much space for storage. 


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Range of colors


  • The surface is a little hard

8. HOMCOM Queen Size Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed Chair Lounge Couch Folding Arm 5 Position

HOMHOM brings a queen size convertible sleeper sofa, which can be used both as a chair and bed simultaneously.

The sofa carries a modern design with dazzling blue color fabric along with metal fixtures accompanied by two accent pillows that give you fantastic home decoration.

Its minimalist design can fit anywhere, whether in small apartments and rooms without needing plenty of space.

The sofa offers five adjustable bracket angles to allow users to adjust the sofa into five different positions t to relax as per their convenience.

Homcom chair doesn’t only add style to your living room, dorm room, or lounge; it caters an unexpected nap and enables you to manage unforeseen guests at home.

Its high-quality steel frame with a sturdy base wrapped in suede fabric and high-density faux suede foam makes this a luxurious and comfortable chair.

Its sofa cover is detachable that can be convenient for washing and supports weight up to 550lbs.


  • Sturdy and durable chair
  • Easily convertible
  • Elegant design


  • Hard to assemble


Our team members have researched several sleeping chairs and brought the above-listed products with excellent ratings from the buyers.

Most of the chairs come with reclining backs which makes them easier to use. All these chairs vary in price, features, and colors to give buyers so many options to pick.

The cost of these chairs varies, allowing buyers to buy within their budget. Just go through these sleeper chairs and pick the one, which seems best to you.

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