How Often Should I Rotate My Memory Foam Mattress In 5 Easy Steps?

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On average, we all spend most of our time in bed while resting and sleeping or even more and frequently use the mattress in a rough and tough manner which can cause serious damage to a mattress.

If you continue to use the mattress from the same side, then there are chances the mattress will start sagging and will result in damage to the mattress.

In order to keep the mattress in shape and original form, there is a need to rotate and flip the sides of the mattress with intervals.

This doesn’t only help to protect the mattress, enhance its lifespan and keep it neat as well. In this article, we are going to explain how often should I rotate my memory foam mattress in an easy manner.

How Often Should I Rotate My Memory Foam Mattress

How Often Should I Rotate My Memory Foam Mattress – Step By Step Guide?

A memory foam mattress requires constant maintenance and cleaning to be used for a longer period.

However, rotating or flipping a memory foam mattress is a cumbersome and difficult process, but little efforts can make a difference, so you can do this on your own by following these simple steps.

1. Know About Your Mattress

There are different types of mattresses available on the market, so you need to know about which type of mattress you have in your bedroom.

It depends on the type of mattress that whether it can be flipped or otherwise because not all mattresses can flip or rotate.

You need to check the instructions that come with a mattress before changing sides or flipping it.

If the manufacturer doesn’t support rotating the mattress, then there is no need to do it. 

There are some manufacturers that incorporate tops and pillows on the mattress so they cannot be changed.

2. Check Intervals for Rotating a Mattress

If a manufacturer supports rotating of the mattress, then you must read all the instructions to know how to carefully rotate the mattress.

Don’t rotate the mattress frequently; some mattresses can be changed frequently while others can’t.

Rotating mattresses once in a year is sufficient for some types of mattresses, while others require changing after every three months.

Once you rotate or flip the mattress on the bed, keep a record of this so that you can decide how frequently your mattress needs to be rotated. 

3. Considering the size of the Mattress

Rotating a mattress also depends on the size of the mattress, if you have a king-size mattress to rotate, then you need to rotate is once or twice a year.

A good time to change or rotate the mattress is when the weather is changing or when you plan to clean the entire mattress. 

4. Clear the Area From Any Breakable

In case you are preparing for the rotation or flipping of your bed, make sure that there is nothing left that can be breakable while moving or rotating the mattress.

Clear the area and make sure that flipping or rotating mattress doesn’t result in breaking anything.

Transfer anything from the surroundings like cups, glasses, heaters, lamps or any other thing which can be breakable.

5. Repositioning of Bed if Required

If you find any hindrance while rotating or flipping the mattress, then you can reposition your bed so that you can easily rotate or flip the mattress and it doesn’t get damaged while flipping or rotating.

You can put some space in the surroundings of the bed and keep some distance from the surrounding walls. 

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Before you start flipping or rotating your mattress, you need to strip your belongings so that things on and around the mattress may not get entangled with the frame and the whole process can be easily done, otherwise you can encounter several problems making the process of rotating or flipping complex and irritating. 

Repositioning the Mattress

In process of rotating or flipping your mattress, make sure that your mattress is at a distance from the wall because in case your bed frame head is high, then you need to change the head first and then you can reposition your mattress.

You can simply rotate the mattress by grabbing it from one corner and sliding it to the next corner.Make adjustments where necessary and flip the side of the mattress.

You can decide whether the mattress needs to be rotated or flipped to make it a cleaner and less exposure to damages to your mattress. 

Repositioning the Mattress


The above-mentioned instructions are quite easy to implement and you can easily process and flip your mattress without getting into hassles.

You can also add an extension to your mattress so that it doesn’t sink or get damaged so easily.

Through this way, you can easily save money and avoid spending money on replacement of the mattress and you will get a long life of your mattress.

Hopefully, you can decide now how often should I rotate my memory foam mattress after reading this article.

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