Privacy Policy

At, we consider the privacy of our site users’ or visitors as an essential factor. We have developed a policy for them so that they know how we collect and use the personal information of our visitors. Read our privacy policy as below:

We learn something whenever visitors visit and specific data when a user accesses our website. Like other websites, we also use special tools called ‘cookies’ and ‘serer logs’ for visitors and how they access our site. We simply collect non-personal information from the users, including visitors’ time, date, origin, pages viewed on our website, and duration of time spent on the website as well as the IP address of visitors.

Browser Cookies

Our website employs cookies to improve the experience of users and for surveying. These cookies are stored on the website browser of the user to record information and know about them. It is the discretion of the users either to choose to reject cookies to save on their browsers. Users get an alert whenever cookies are received by their browsers and agreeing to accept the cookies. The site may not work correctly.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are addresses of individual PCs that are being used by the computer when it connects to the Internet. The IP address is like a personal address in machines that are being used by PCs on the system to recognize your PC. Our web server naturally gathers IP addresses as a significant aspect of the segment and profile information known as “traffic information” with the goal that data (for example, the Web pages you demand) can be sent to you.


If you want to communicate with us by email, we may use the content of your message along with your email address and the response we made on each request. We ensure the protection of data collected from electronic communication and secure the data received from email and online through Chat.

Usage of Information That We Collect

We use personal information of the users to enhance our business activities and to improve the experience of users. Thus, it enables us to provide better customer service and offer more services to customers based on their interests. 


We will not store personal identifying information of the visitors when they visit our site unless they give us any information themselves. We don’t sell any of the users’ data or transfer to any third party or unauthorized person without taking prior approval at the time of collection of data.

We can share your information if required under any law or demanded by the legal authorities in good faith and for securing our legal rights. 

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Under the Act ibid, we sent an email with clear information and detail, including detail of the sender and how to contact them. All such email messages also carry information on removing yourself from the mailing list and change the email address where you want to receive such information. If you unsubscribe this email, you won’t receive an email from us. 

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

We share the newsletter and email subscriber to share valuable information related to the interests of the users for reading. If they wish to subscribe, they will receive routine updates from our website, the content of their interests. However, if you unsubscribe our service, then you wouldn’t be available to receive any newsletter or promotional material on your email. 

Use of External Links contains lots of content, information, and links as well. Here we are talking about external links pointing to different websites, products leading to external sources. We don’t guarantee the accuracy of any information found on linked websites or external websites. We do not own links to external sites, or we don’t endorse any information available on the website or products marketed by such websites or links. 

Voluntarily visiting these websites, you are willfully agreeing to use those websites and agree to their terms and conditions, laws applicable and regulations, and responsible for compliance of any laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

All patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual rights used on our website, including content or software we use, shall belong to the property of its creators or licensors. Their use without written consent from the owner or licensors is strictly forbidden without. We don’t allow anyone to republish or use material/content available on our website without prior approval.

How Do We Secure Users' Information and Transmission?

Since email is not a secure way of communication, so we request all the users don’t use the email address for sending information. We use specially designed web forms to collect any information or for communication with our website visitors. Users can fill the form and contact us through the structure while filling the necessary information. We make no warranties, representation or pledge concerning the accuracy, completeness of the content published on this site or linked site.

Policy Changes

We have the right to change this privacy policy as and when we think without any notice to the visitors. However, in case any change happens in the future, we assure you that we will not use any personal information collected under this policy without your consent.