How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep In The Crib With Simple 5 Steps?

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Newborns deserve to be in the laps of their mothers as they can’t live without being pampered and cared for by the parents at this initial stage. 

With time, newborns develop an association with the parents, and they don’t spend a single minute without their parents just because of nature. 

At the start, it is okay for a newborn to be associated with their kids; however, just after 6-8 weeks, it’s become their habit that needs to be changed with the age. It is the time when you have to ensure how to get your newborn to sleep in the crib.

How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep In The Crib

How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep In The Crib ?

Before we answer the above question, i.e. how to get your newborn to sleep in the crib, you should know why a newborn should spend most of his/her time in the crib.

There are various reasons which require a newborn should sleep in the crib rather than the lap of his/her mother just after the six months.

Secondly, cribs are specialized for kids and they need to develop sleeping habits independently and comfortably.

Crib doesn’t only offer the safest place to sleep but also enables your kids to change sides frequently without any obstruction. 

Teaching your newborns to sleep in the crib can make moms free most of their time as infants get used in the arms of their mothers and their sense cleverly when they are away from the arms of their mothers.

That’s why wise moms teach their infants at an early stage as the old habits don’t change later. So, this is the right time to get your newborn to sleep in the crib. Learn how to get your newborn to sleep in the crib

Things You Should Do Make Newborn to Sleep In the Crib

1. Making Crib Feel Like A Mom's Lap

Make sure that you have bought the right crib for your newborn, which is not only safe, comfortable; offer all necessary things such as cushions or pillows in the cradle to make it feel like a mom’s lap.

Make sure the crib is covered with the warm blanket as you shift the baby in the crib, he may not feel the difference. Otherwise, the variation in temperature can make it irritating for the child.

Make sure the baby is swaddled and can calmly sleep in the crib. While leaving the baby in the crib, you should stay near the crib for a while so that in case the infant wakes up from sleep. You can pamper him/her in the cradle. 

Arrange a Swinging Crib For Your Kid

2. Arrange a Swinging Crib For Your Child

Babies naturally sleep when they are in a state of constant movement like on a car seat or infant carrier. This makes these infants addicted to this style of sleeping and they develop a habit of sleeping like this.

You need to arrange a crib for your kid, which can move so that you can easily make him/her the same motion in the crib to make it easy for the kids to sleep.

Place the crib around the bed so that your child can feel your presence all the time. It also helps parents to remain in front of their babies’ eyes, making them more comfortable in the crib.

Don’t add stuffed toys in the crib because it can narrow down space and suffocate, which will make it uncomfortable for the baby. 

3. Avoid Distractions

When you feel that your baby is going to sleep, then make it comfortable for him/her. Make a start by naps and a little pampering on the kid’s back will help him to learn to sleep in the crib smoother and a quicker manner.

Please make sure that there are no distractions around the crib like music, video or any other sound which can disturb the kid from sleeping and ruin his sleep. 

4. Make it a Habit

At the start, the infant may resist and may not quickly settle down in the crib, but that’s not worrying at all, and you need to be determined and consistent.

Know the signs of readiness if your child is ready to sleep and put the child in the crib. One of the symptoms you may experience is rubbing eyes by the babies and it will be easier for the parents to let babies sleep in the crib.

Make a start by leaving your baby in the crib, and if a child doesn’t get into the crib for enough time, it’s okay to take him into your lap for a while. Make it a habit for him to let him/her spend some time in the crib on a daily basis. 

5. Schedule a Bedtime Routine

Making sleep transitions for newborns is really a daunting task and it takes time.

It would help if you made a routine for the sleep time for your newborns in the crib and it would let your child know that it’s a crib time and over time, your child will get used to and will feel comfortable to sleep in the crib.

Make some personal efforts to accommodate your child’s sleep in the same routine and make it a habit for your child. 


In this article, we have discussed many ways to get your newborn to sleep in the crib by using different means and ways.

You need to learn about the behavior of your baby to accommodate him/her in the crib and make things exciting for the baby so that he can comfortably spend his time in the crab.

I hope you have learned new ways to make it comfortable for your newborn to sleep in the crab without your presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should My Baby Start Sleeping In a Crib?

Most of the parents worry about their babies when they grow and ask what is a suitable age and time they should start letting their kids sleep in a crib.

It takes a lot of courage and effort to make the smooth transition from your lap to the crib.So, if you think your baby is in good health and active, then you should make your mind in a few weeks of his/her birth.

Parents should worry about their babies since the start of 6 weeks and they should make efforts to accommodate their babies in the crib.

Is it Safe to stop co-sleeping with babies?

This is completely normal and every mother has to do this one day. You should consider teaching your baby how to sleep independently and less relying on you. It would help him develop a new sleeping habit and make this transition comfortable for you.

It would be best if you help your baby to sleep in the crib which is placed near your bed in your bedroom so that he gets used to the sleeping environment and he can be easily monitored by you. 

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