How To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable In Simple Ways

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Every one of us encounters the problem of the hardening mattresses once in a lifetime. It happens due to many reasons, due to which mattresses get harder. For some of us, a hard mattress is quite annoying and lead to back pain and inconvenience while sleeping.

Nobody wants to sleep on the bed, which makes them uncomfortable and causes sleeplessness. So, we are going to help you to know how to make your mattress more comfortable?

How To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable

The following could be the reasons for hardening of the mattress which needs to be addressed:-

  • If you have bought a new mattress, then it could be a reason for the hard mattress, and you don’t need to worry about it because there are ways which we are going to discuss further in this article. 
  • The second possibility that could make your mattress hard is the foundation of your bed. 
  • If you are using a mattress topper or pad on your old mattress, then this could lead to the firmness or stiffness of your mattress. 
  • Check the size of the mattress you are using with your bed because if it doesn’t correctly fit in your bed, then there are chances of hardening of the mattress. 
  • Moisture can be damaging your mattress, and if your room has enough moisture, then you need to make a solution of it as it can make your mattress harder.

How To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable?

There are varieties of options available for fixing the hard mattress, and you can try these before replacing the mattress. Though these fixes don’t make your mattress a new one, it improves the usage of your mattress and makes it convenient to sleep for a longer time. 

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How To Make A Hard Mattress Softer?

The mattress can be harder because of the material used in the mattress. At first, most of the mattress comes with a hard surface which takes time to soften, but become a source of inconvenience for the users to sleep on them.

If you are living in a colder temperature, then there are chances that your mattress gets hard due to the temperature.

You can provide relief to your mattress by warming the mattress, which can be achieved using different methods like you can use a heating pad on your mattress, which makes it a bit softer and comfortable to sleep

Checking the Foundation of Bed

The foundation of your bed plays an important role in the softening of the mattress because it balances the surface and keeps the mattress flexible to divide the weight of the mattress.

Suppose you are using a box spring foundation which is more flexible and makes the mattress breathable, which ultimately keeps the mattress softer and comfortable as well.

On the other hand, the rigid foundation made up of wooden will make your mattress hard if you are using other than memory foam because it doesn’t provide flexibility and offer a solid foundation making mattress stiff and hard.

Make sure that you have the right combination of foundation and mattress so that you can comfortably sleep.

Flat and slatted platform beds make the surface harder and prove uncomfortable while sleeping. If you want to get rid of rigid surfaces and uncomfortable sleep, then consider an adjustable base for your bed. 

Continued use of the Mattress

If you are experiencing a harder mattress while sleeping, then you can make some efforts to soften it by continuously using the mattress.

You will notice your mattress will soften overtimes, you can make it even softer if you walk on the surface of the mattress for some time.

It will soften more quickly in this way. Repeating the same procedure on a daily basis can get you the desired results and make your bed softer. 

Rotating and Flipping Mattress

It happens most of the time that old mattresses get harder overtimes.If you have an old mattress at home, then you should flip the side of the mattress and fold it to some extent, so that it can have some flexibility in its surface which will make it soft.

Rotating the mattress is a good idea and you should do this frequently. 

Using a Mattress Topper

This is the best and quickest solution you can adopt to soften your mattress without replacing the old mattress and without getting involved in hassles. Mattress toppers are quite affordable and enhance the comfort of your bed.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of forms and a material like memory foam, wool, and polyester and down which makes a good range of users to buy a mattress topper. So, you can pick any of these mattress toppers.

Mattress toppers come in different thicknesses so you can pick the mattress which has a good thickness to make the surface firmest and comfortable to sleep. 

Adding a Mattress Cover

Adding a mattress cover can get you extra comfort and make it firm to use. Mattress covers don’t only encase the mattress but enhance stretching on the bed as well. That ultimately makes your surface balanced and softer as well.

Consider buying a knitted polyester cover which makes it breathable, flexible and durable to use. It doesn’t only protect the mattress and add comfort to it. 

How To Make A Mattress More Comfortable?

There are dozens of methods that can help to make the mattress comfortable. Despite trying the above-mentioned steps, you can look for more affordable ways to make your bed comfortable.

Treat Moisture In the Room

If you have a moisture element in the room, then you should take remedial steps to treat it because moisture can be damaging for your room and mattress. You should keep the temperature minimum so that you can avoid moisture in the room to protect the mattress. 

We are going to reveal more ways to make your bed a comfortable thing to sleep and use special techniques to soften and make it a luxury mattress. Check out the following guidelines:-

Use Bed Sheets

It is advised to use bed sheets in addition to mattress toppers and covers because it can make your mattress softer and useable. Flannel sheets are quite popular to use and supreme softness.

Arrange a Body Pillow

The use of body pillows offers great convenience while sleeping as it can be placed under the back, which can relieve pressure from the spine and eliminate pain from your body. It gives the right support needed to move your body and to take turns at night. 

Get a Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a good alternative and investment to get on the bed which can easily fit onto the mattress and makes a soft surface to sleep. 


These are all the best options you have to make your mattress comfortable. You can try one or another for healthy sleep and feel fresh on the bed at night.

All the methods mentioned above are so affordable and doesn’t require you to incur an additional cost to maintain softness for your mattress. Now you have learned how to make your mattress more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Mattress Is Too Hard What Can I Do?

Are you fed up with sleeping on a mattress whose surface feels like a stone than a feather? Please don’t take any tension at all; you can still make it soft again by following simple methods.

If you have a new mattress, then use it frequently because using the mattress daily can enhance comfort and make it functional again. Daily using the mattress can make it soft, and its surface will break, which can get you feeling of softness. 

How Can I Make My Bed More Comfortable?

If you have a hard mattress at home, then you should consider adding a layer of softness in addition to your foam mattress and buy fluffy cushions to divide the load on the mattress.

Placing a quilt beneath the topper or duvet gives your mattress some extra volume. You can invest in a down comforter to get the softest experience. 

How Do You Soften A Mattress?

If you want a sinking mattress that absorbs your body weight, then you should keep your room warm as it softens bed and gives you a comfortable surface.

As we have mentioned above, you can do several things to maintain warmth in your room like to adjust the temperature of your room, use heated blanks, flannel sheets and use custom pillows get the desired softness. 

Can a hard mattress get back pain?

Generally, people have a perception that firm mattresses can cause back pain, but it is not true all the time. A firm mattress may be useful for some, but at the same time, these may become a cause of distress.

Everyone has a different body and have unique shapes, sizes and sleeping styles. So it would be best if you had excellent support with the mattress to get the desired comfort and support to your back. 

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