Learn How To Remove Sweat Stains From Memory Foam Mattress

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Are you tired of stinking sweat and stains which are left on your memory foam mattress due to sweating and feel significant discomfort and irritation when sleeping on the mattress?

Then don’t be frustrated because we will show you how to remove sweat stains from memory foam mattress in this article.

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Memory Foam Mattress

Sweating is natural and unavoidable, and there are many reasons for sweating like increased blood circulation, hot weather, mental stress, and even anger when you are unconscious.

A healthy human body naturally functions by sweating in different conditions, so this is not a big deal, and you can easily encounter sweating and remove stains from the mattress.

Besides sweating, mattresses are most vulnerable to dust, dirt particles, dead skin cells, and many things, so that means you have to clean the mattress with intervals and to ensure cleaning with for calm sleep.

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Memory Foam Mattress Easy Steps At Home

If you have visited this website to find the solution for removing stains from mattress, then we are revealing some of the best and easiest ways to get rid of stains off a mattress with you below. 

Learn How to Clean Stains off a Mattress

Memory foam cleaning is an easy process, and there is no rocket science involved in the process. It can be done at home quickly, and all you need is to have the following pre-requisites to begin cleaning your mattress:

  • Arrange some baking soda
  • Buy hydrogen peroxide
  • Detergents
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Paper towels or wet tissue 

Removing Stains from Mattress

First of all, you have to confirm that there is no moisture on the mattress.

There are chances of moisture in case of fresh stains, so before removing stains from the mattress, make sure that you get rid of the moisture from the mattress as it will make it easy to remove stains.

Using a towel or clean rag to absorb the moisture from the mattress, and blotting will help in getting rid of moisture out of the mattress. 

Prepare For Cleaning

Before removing the stains of sweat from the mattress, remove the mattress cover and place it on a floor.

Use a portable handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt, dust, and hair, pet’s fur, and other sources of dirt, which accumulated on the mattress over time.

The vacuum will take off all the debris from the mattress and will make it germ-free before cleaning it.      

Prepare the Solution

Before removing the stains from the mattress, you need to check that you have all essentials which can be used to remove the stains. Use the following procedure to get rid of stains:-

  • Use an empty bottle and fill it with water, then add ½ cup of detergent in it and mix it very well. 
  • Spray the solution on the stains, make sure that you don’t spray too much solution on it because it will take much time to dry. 
  • Use a paper towel or wet tissue to get rid of stains from the body. Scrub the spot gently with the towel in the circular motion and blot the spot so that stains start getting off the paper. 
  • In case the stains are still on the mattress, then you can use vinegar to remove the stains from the mattress. Take ½ cup of vinegar and put it in the bottle, which contains detergent, as it doubles the cleaning impact and will remove any stain from the mattress.
  • If the stains get off the mattress completely, then it’s good, but if the stains are still there, then you have to make more efforts to get rid of the stains. 

How To Get Out Old Sweat Stains?

It probably happens that you didn’t timely clean the stains, and overtimes, the stains get stronger and hard to remove. For such bad stains, detergents don’t quickly work, and you have to use something extra like baking soda or chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. You can follow the simple process of cleaning a mattress with a baking soda and peroxide

How to clean a mattress with baking soda and peroxide?

It is effortless to clean the mattress with baking soda, pour some two teaspoons of baking soda in a 500ml bottle containing water and leave it for some time to get mixed in the water.

Sprinkle the solution on the mattress and leave it for some time to let it appropriately soaked. Use paper towels to get the stains off the bed mattress and use the vacuum to dry the stains from the mattress.

If the stains are not cleaned properly, and still some marks are left on the mattress, then the use of benzoyl peroxide is vital. It is an active chemical, and it will completely get rid of the stains from the mattress.

Once the sweat stains get off, leave the mattress for drying. If you have open space, then let the mattress get some sunshine, which will make it dry quickly and will remove any moisture or leftover detergents on the foam mattress.

If the weather is not clear and there is no sunshine, then you can use fans to dry the mattress. Check the foam mattress after some time, whether stains are entirely drained or otherwise.

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Mattress?

Yellow stains are the worst type of stains, which everyone wants to get rid of the foam mattress. These stains are unlikely to be caused by sweat; instead, these stains are caused due to oil, urine, or may likely be caused by falling of liquids on the mattress.

Such stains should be removed quickly as leaving them for a long time will make them permanent. You will need benzoyl peroxide to remove such hard stains because ordinary detergents and stain remover may not work on these bad stains.

You can repeat the method mentioned above to remove yellow stains from the memory foam mattress. 

Finally, Make Arrangements to Put the Mattress Back On the Bed

Once the mattress is completely dry, and there isn’t any moisture left on the surface of the mattress because the existence of any moisture can waste your energies and it will result in the emergence of more stains on the bed. 

Re-Vacuum and Deodorize the Mattress

When your mattress is dry and ready to be placed back on the bed, then it is necessary to use a vacuum on the mattress so that all impurities and particles are detergents are removed from it.

It can leave the mattress fresh, clean, and will give it a refreshing look. When you follow all the above steps, then it is time to make the bed by placing the foam mattress on the bed. 

Maintaining a Memory Foam Mattress

Though cleaning a memory foam mattress is not a big deal, but there is no guarantee that it will maintain in its original form without proper maintenance and avoidance. 

There are a few things that you should take care to keep the foam mattress neat and clean.

 Always keep the bed mattress cover from a mattress topper or protective sheet because it will increase its longevity and integrity as well.

Mattress toppers or protectors can save your mattress from dust, dirt, allergens, and get you germ-free protection for calm sleep. 

Stop your pets using the bedding because most of the germs and dirt get on the mattress through the pets.

Give them proper potty training and make sure that pets don’t pee on the bed.

Flip the mattress twice a month because using the same surface for a long time will get stains and germs on it, and your mattress will likely remain use able for a long time.

How To Remove Old Stains From A Mattress?

All the steps discussed above are quite useful in removing old stains from a mattress. It is effortless to get rid of stains and make it natural, looking clean and tidy.

Cleaning a foam mattress at home is a natural process if you don’t have time or skills to do the process yourself.

Taking the services of professionals for mattress cleaning is not a bad idea, and you will need to pay the company for cleaning your mattress. 

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