How To Clean Pee Out Of A Mattress In 7 Easy Steps

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Peeing on the mattress is the most common accident that the majority of the homeowners encounter on a daily basis.

Kids and pets alike spend most of their time of the bed which results in frequently peeing on the mattress as the mattress is most prone to such type of accidents, but don’t worry we know how to clean pee out of a mattress and we are going to reveal steps to follow to get rid of pee out of mattress now.  

how to clean pee out of a mattress

If gets quite irritating to see spots of pees all over the mattress which doesn’t only produce odor but becomes a major source of allergens and viruses in your bedroom. So, this is the time to clean pee out of the mattress

Let us help you to clean pee out of your mattress

How to Clean Pee From A Mattress

It is essential to clean pee from a mattress before the stains get too hard. Cleaning a mattress needs a dedicated approach and sheer planning, which makes it easy to clean the mattress and with the help of necessary cleaning ingredients, you can easily clean a mattress. 

Before you start cleaning your mattress, you need to examine the entire bed to spot affected areas on the mattress which require cleaning.

The procedure involved in cleaning pee from a mattress depends on the frequency of spots on the mattress. The cleaning procedure also depends on the type of mattress you use at home.

Things You Will Need to Clean a Mattress with Pee

  • Vacuum for cleaning
  • A spray bottle
  • A towel or paper tissue
  • Use of vinegar
  • 50 grams of baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Some amount of dishwashing soap
  • A set of brushes to clean the top of the mattress
  • An upholstery nozzle for cleaning

Where to Begin from When Cleaning Pee off the Mattress

There are various methods for removing pee stains and smell out of the mattress. Still, before using any method, you should be familiar with the necessary things to do when preparing to clean your mattress easily and follow the step below to clean your bed at home.

  • First, remove the mattress off the bed and place it on the floor so that you can easily clean the mattress. Remove pillows and bedsheets from the mattress. 
  • Remove the topper from the mattress and protector if you have covered the mattress. 
  • Dry up the urine from the surface of the mattress. 
  • Use vinegar and apply it on the spots on the mattress, leave the mattress for five to ten minutes to let the vinegar work. 
  • Keep blotting up the liquid from the mattress. 
  • Spare some detergents/liquids for use.
  • Apply Enzyme Cleaner if necessary.
  • Keep drying.
  • Use of vacuum to remove dust.
  • Keep repeating the same process until you get rid of the mattress.

how to clean pee out of a mattress

Follow the step by step guidelines below to remove pee from the mattress:-

1. Drying Up Urine From The Mattress

It is essential to dry the urine out of the mattress, use paper tissue or towel to absorb the amount of urine from the bed if there is any so that you can properly clean it up later. Don’t rub the urine because it will further expand on the entire mattress.

You can use the vacuum for drying the pee up from the mattress so that the urine gets dry. Vacuuming the mattress can also help to remove plenty of allergens, dust, and debris and dead skin, which are commonly present on the bed.

2. Spraying Vinegar On The Spot

Vinegar is quite effective in removing odor and stains, whether you are dealing with old or new stains. Pour some vinegar in the spray bottle and spray it over the affected area, spray in a mild quantity so that the mattress doesn’t get saturated and dry up quickly. 

Now, leave the mattress for a few minutes and let the vinegar settle down and place the bed in the open air to allow it to dry. Blot the solution using the paper tissue or towel so that the mattress gets dry.

3. Use of Detergents While Blotting The Spilled Liquid

In most of the cases, vinegar is enough to get rid of pee stains and smell, but some hard stains require more users for hard work. So, in that case, the use of detergents/liquids can help to remove the stains.

If you need to rub, then the use of a brush is recommended as the brush can help in wiping out of stains from an old mattress. Detergents are amazing to remove any stain and commonly available at home.

4. Use of Enzyme Cleaner

If you are dealing with pets’ urine, then the use of enzymatic cleaner is best. It works great on stubborn stains and helps in neutralizing the odors out of the mattress.

You can mix it in a spray bottle to apply to the stain and then blot up with the help of the cloth or tissue. The enzyme cleaner is useful in breaking the protein stains of blood, pee, or sweating and can be used for oil and grease stains. 

5. Use of Baking Soda for General Cleaning

Baking soda is naturally an excellent solution for the removal of odor and stains from the mattress. It is proficient in absorbing moisture, removing odor and ensure cleaning of the rest of the surface of your mattress.

 Just sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the mattress and spare it for some time to get your desired results. 

6. Place the Mattress Spare For Drying

Once you have finished cleaning the mattress using detergents, enzyme cleaner, and apply baking soda for perfect cleaning, then let your mattress dry so that it remains fresh and get fully dry.

You can use different ways to keep the mattress dry. Use fresh air is the easiest one to help the foam-mattress keep drying. However, it could take a long time. 

If there is no sufficient air available and you are cleaning the mattress inside the bedroom, then you can use your fan to keep the moisture away and make your mattress look fresh again.

You can place the mattress before the sunshine so that it can naturally dry up as sunshine will help in getting rid of bacteria and germs out of bed.

7. Vacuuming the Mattress

The last step involves vacuuming the mattress because it is necessary to remove any leftover detergents, impurities, and odor left on the mattress. 

All the steps mentioned above will help you to learn how to clean pee out of the mattress and you don’t need taking the services of professional cleaning companies for the purpose. 


With the above-listed steps, you can learn how to clean urine out the mattress and get rid of stains and odor from the bed. Now, you can easily clean your mattress and make it look like a new one again by following these simple steps. 

Cleaning pee out of the mattress is a straightforward process. Still, it doesn’t guarantee you to get success after every accident because frequent peeing on the same spot can make it hard to remove, and you will end up spending more money to change the old stained and smelly mattress. 

So, it is necessary to avoid kids, and especially pets peeing on the mattress. Read the article in detail if you want to know how to clean pee out of a mattress.

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