How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress Without A Patch Kit In 03 Steps?

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Air mattresses are popular these days due to its economical price and a range of benefits it offers to the users, particularly the comfortable sleeping experience.

However, it can turn into a nightmare if you discover a hole in the mattress, which can be a hassle to sleep on it, ultimately leading to sleeplessness and discomfort. Let us help you to find how to fix a hole in an air mattress without a patch kit.

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress Without A Patch Kit

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress Without A Patch Kit?

Before you proceed to fix the hole you found in your mattress, you need to understand what an air mattress is and what causes a hole in the mattress.We assume that you already know about an air mattress, but still giving a little touch to it.

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that is made up of plastic, vinyl or rubber and filled with air with the help of an electric pump. 

There are many reasons for leaking mattresses and most common of them is misuse. There is nothing to worry about if you found your mattress has a leak as this is common practice and we all face this once in a lifetime.

The mattress can damage and leaked due to puncture, overheating, jumping over it, rolling and misuse of the mattress. So, it is of no use what has happened to your mattress and now you should focus on fixing it as this can be done quite easily. 

Things to Have Before Fixing a Hole In an Air Mattress

The following pieces of equipment in order to repair a hole from your air mattress:-

  • A patch kit (in case your fix doesn’t work)
  • Rolling pin
  • Space heater
  • Soapy water
  • Bucket
  • Sandpaper
  • Sponge
  • Glue 
  • Towel

We have made detailed instructions for the users to help them fix their leaking mattresses in easy steps:

Identifying Leakage On The Mattress

First of all, you should identify the spot of leakage on the mattress so that you can fix it later on. It is straightforward to find out leakage on an air mattress because it starts losing air pressure and makes you feel sinking into the mattress at the time of sleeping.

You can take a highlighter or temporary marker to mark the leaking spot so that when you deflate the mattress, then you can easily find a spot on the surface. 

Sometimes the leak is minor that it becomes quite hard to find by the users, so there is another way to find out leakage on the mattress.

Just take a little amount of water and pour it on all over the air mattress, you will find bubbles in case of leakage on the mattress. Keep repeating the process twice so that you can find all leaks on your mattress

how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam

You can also check the leaking mattress by placing your hand over the surface, which can be easily felt on hands, and this is the easiest way to find the leaking hole in a mattress.

If there are a big hole and leakage in the mattress, then you can hear the sound to help you find a leak. You can use detergent mixed in water to find the hole in the mattress.

It is the easiest method to find a spot on the mattress.The leak or hole could be anywhere in the mattress, so you need to spend some time finding out the hole to fix it.

You should also check the valve holding air because in case the mattress valve is leaking, then it cannot be repaired and you have to replace it with a one. 

All these methods listed above can work to find the leak or hole in the mattresses, so you can one or another to find the leaking mattress.

Fixing A Leakage Area On A Mattress

The most challenging part of fixing a mattress with a hole in the identification of the hole or leak, once you have found the leak, then you need to focus on how to fix a hole in an air mattress.

There are many ways to fix the leakage and some of them are shared for you as below:-

  1. Fixing a hole with a patch kit
  2. Fixing a leak with a duct tape
  3. Fixing a leak with Vinyl cement

Method 1

Learn How To Fix Air Mattress Hole With A Patch Kit

This is the most common and easiest, the method in practice to fix a leak air mattress instantly. You can just manage to get a patch kit from any online store or even at the local grocery store.

Since air mattresses are made up of vinyl, rubber or plastic so if you have a mattress with any of these materials, then you can get it fixed with a patch kit. A patch kit is very effective in fixing the leakages and easily works on any type of mattress.

A standard patch kit includes patches for air mattresses, tubes, and inflatable devices. So, arrange a patch kit if you don’t have already at home before fixing a hole in the mattress. 

  1. First of all, make sure your mattress is completely deflated and there is no more air inside the mattress which can be a hurdle to place the patch over the hole. 
  2. Put the mattress on a flat surface so that it remains flat and can be fixed properly. 
  3. Take sandpaper to remove the sand around the hole to make the surface soft, so that the patch can stick to it easily. Make sure there is no coating around the hole and the surface is quite clear to fix the patch. 
  4. Clean the area around the leak with the help of alcohol and soapy water till you ensure there is no debris over the surface, otherwise, the patch will not fix properly. 
  5. Analyze the size of the hole or leak in the mattress and cut the same size patch to place over the mattress. 
  6. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines for patching the mattress and do it in the right manner to avoid any warranty claim. If there are instructions on using glue, then we should use glue on the patch. The best way to fix a patch on the mattress is just to paste it like you place a sticker on any surface and do it smoothly. Ensure there are no bubbles in the patch as it can lead to losing patch. 
  7. Put some pressure over the patch once you have applied it over the leak a press it down with your hand to make it flatten and fixed permanently. 
  8. Leave it for two or three hours to let the glue dry and put a heavy object over the newly fixed patch to keep it intact on the surface firmly. 
  9. Once you have completed the whole exercise, you can inflate the mattress to check whether the patch fixed on the surface permanently and there is no leakage in the mattress. Leave it inflated for 24 hours, to see whether the mattress is losing air or otherwise. 

Method 2

Learn How To Fix Air Mattress Hole With A Duct Tape

Duct tape is widely available as a common and it is made with materials that work on any surface and meant to stop leakage. It has a huge use in the kitchen and household repairs, so you can use it to fix a hole in the mattress.

Duct tape is adhesive and can be used on a variety of objects, including plastic, rubber, and vinyl, etc. So, we have assumed that you have marked the leak or hole in the mattress and just looking to fix it.

You can measure the size of the hole and cut the same size of the duct tape patch in the round shape with the help of scissors to place it over the hole or leak in the mattress.

This is an alternative method and suitable if you don’t have a patch kit at home. This is how fixing a hole in an air mattress without a patch. 

Method 3

Learn How To Fix A Leak With Vinyl Cement

Vinyl cement is another superior quality adhesive used for bonding a variety of objects such as plastic, rubber, and the vinyl itself. Vinyl cement comes in a liquid form packed in a bottle which can be used to put on the patch to repair the leak in the mattress.

Follow the following steps to fix the leak:-

  • Use the shelter rite fabric for patching the hole with the help of vinyl cement. 
  • Cut the size of the shelter fabric equal to the size of the hole, then apply the vinyl cement with the help of a small brush over the hole in the mattress. 
  • Apply a sufficient amount of vinyl cement of the shelter fabric which you want to patch on the hole. 
  • Clean the area of the hole with the help of alcohol to remove dust, debris, and virus from the surface of the mattress. Then put the patch with the vinyl cement over the hole to fix the leak. 
  • Vinyl cement is quite effective in fixing the hole permanently and it can firmly paste the fabric over the hole to stop it from leaking.


Fixing a hole in a mattress is not a big deal and can be done using DIY methods with or without a patch kit. It is better to repair the leak without putting the leaked mattress in waste as you would lose your hard-earned money.

Air mattresses are comfortable, portable and offer a number of benefits, but at the same time vulnerable to damage and leaks.

Thank God! There are plenty of ways to fix a leak mattress and if you were looking how to fix a hole in an air mattress without a patch kit, then we hope that we have addressed your problem and the above-mentioned ways are quite helpful in fixing the hole in a mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Patch A Hole In An Air Mattress Yourself ?

There are multiple ways to patch up a hole in an air mattress yourself and we have shared the details in this article above, I hope after reading the details for fixing a hole above, you can easily patch a hole now. 

How To Fix A Hole on an Air Mattress Seam ?

Air mattresses are not only useful to use for sleep, but they are widely used for camping and trips outside the home, especially on holidays. In the above article, we have revealed how air mattress leaks, its causes and ways to fix a hole in the air mattress.

However, most of the users find that their mattress has a broken seam, which is quite difficult and different to repair. Whether you have a leak or broken seam, your mattress will deflate at any cost and you may end up buying a new one.

We have already discussed and provided ways to find leaks in the mattress.

In case you have a blown mattress seam, then it is quite hard to repair using the traditional methods as we have discussed above and even if it gets fixed with the help of patch kit, then it may not get intact for a long time with the help of conventional solutions.

In such cases, the seam cannot be repaired using patches, it can be repaired with the help of glue or vinyl cement. After identifying the broken seam, you need to deflate the entire mattress and put it in on the floor flat so that all air comes out of the mattress.

Most of the air mattresses have broken seam cannot be sewn using the sewing machine. You need to make a layer of gel or vinyl cement on the broken part of the seam so that it can prevent air leak and prevent the mattresses from sinking.

You can also use a piece of fabric, put some gel, bond or vinyl cement on the piece of fabric and wrap around the broke seam to fix the seam hole and make the mattress useable again.

Leave it for 4-5 hours to keep it dry and then inflate the mattress to check if you have done it successfully or otherwise. This is the way you can fix the mattress seam and fix the broken seam of your mattress.

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