Benefits and Side Effects of Buckwheat Pillow In Easy Steps

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The pillows are an essential part of our life as we all use pillows to sleep at night and always do our best to find comfortable pillows to sleep. The pillows come in lots of types, shapes, materials and vary in comfort level as well.

You might have heard of many names, brands, models, and varieties in sleeping pillows, one of the traditional yet amazing pillows include buckwheat hull pillow which has become a buzz these days.

If you are interested to know benefits and side effects of buckwheat pillow, then continue reading more. 

benefits and side effects of a buckwheat pillow

Know More About benefits and side effects of buckwheat pillow

‘Sobakawa’ or buckwheat hull pillow are widely known as traditional Japanese pillows that come with hulls encasing buckwheat seeds which makes the pillow springy and flexible to the head, but it gives firm support for the head as well.

Buckwheat hull pillows amazingly work by easing tensions and relax the spinal cord to get you a comfortable and relaxing sleep at night.These pillows are best to aid your sleep and get you a calm night with it.

So, there are benefits as well as side effects of pillows, which you should know before deciding whether the pillow is suitable for you or otherwise. 

buckwheat hull pillow

What Is Buckwheat?

Before you proceed to buy a buckwheat hull pillow, you need to know about buckwheat and pillows made with it.

Buckwheat is like a seed grain that is widely available and used in Asia as a food for human and animal consumption.

The seed is protected in the shell-like casing called husk, which is responsible for protecting the seed and utilized in many ways.

The husk is a part of the grain seed, but it is used as an ingredient in different things because it is flexible, long-lasting and durable.The hull is used in filling of mattresses and pillows.

Since the use of buckwheat hull has commercialized and widely used, its benefits are numerous and readily available for multiple purposes. 

Let us shed light on the core benefits of buckwheat pillows which may be beneficial for some people to help them in sleeping and research more about it to conclude its usage finally. 

Help in Sleeping Calmly

The popularity of buckwheat pillows is ever increasing as they help to support body posture and spinal alignment.

If you need a thin pillow yet flexible and stretchable, then a buckwheat pillow is the perfect choice to sleep.It keeps the spine straight and keeps it balanced with the rest of the body.

It has proved to be a blessing for side sleepers because it can easily adjust under the head and shoulders.

It helps to achieve cervical alignment and keeps the body relaxed to enable uninterrupted sleep.

Help to Overcome Snoring

Snoring is a common problem, and lots of people suffer from it due to poor sleeping posture.

Though it doesn’t guarantee to solve snoring problems, but can help to reduce the problem and help to overcome it.

Lots of people suffer from sleep snoring due to the stressing of muscles, mainly because of the poor support of a pillow.

So, a pillow can play a role in relieving you with the problem of snoring and supports you in sleep.

In case your problem persists by changing the pillow, then you need to visit a doctor for the identification of other causes.  

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Support for Muscles

If you sleep on a pillow which is quite high and firm, then it will lead to neck and back pain due to improper posture and poor alignment of the spine.

Ultimately, your muscles get stressed, and you start feeling constant pain from sleeping on such pillows.

The buckwheat pillow brings a solution for relaxing your muscles, making it flexible and supportive for the neck and head to allow your spine to relax.

It offers a soft pillow, ensures flexible movement of the neck along with the head and supports the central nervous system. 

Sleeping on an uncomfortable, stone-like pillow leads to stress your muscles and ligaments, which will result in fatigue and pain after sleeping a whole night. 

So, a buckwheat pillow can save you from headaches, sleeplessness, and stress while sleeping at night. 

Cooling Effect through Airflow

Buckwheat pillows are quite different from traditional pillows when it comes to cooling effect because traditional pillows are made up of foam, polyester, and feathers, which generates heat and result in sweating at night.

Whereas buckwheat pillows don’t generate heat and promote airflows while sleeping at night.

The buckwheat seeds hulk make a cooling impact during sleep by creating air pockets and make it an ideal pillow to sleep. 

Provide Relief for Migraine

Migraine is a common disease, and people are suffering from the disease nowadays. Several studies have shown connections of this disease with the spinal alignment, tissue strain and stress-causing pressure on the nervous system that leads to pain in the head. 

Since there are different reasons for migraines among the people, but the use of a buckwheat pillow can provide them with relief and lessen the severity of the pain.

The main thing is how a pillow supports your tissues and provides a soft surface, to the pressure points of your head.Thus, it ensures overall well being and helps to sleep comfortably. 

Avoids Sweating At Night

As we have already discussed that the buckwheat pillow doesn’t create heat and remains cool by letting the airflow through the pillow and makes it breathable, ultimately avoids sweating during nights.

Thus, it enables people to sleep calmly without being disturbed by sweating. 

Adjustable, Flexible and Long Lasting

The fame of buckwheat hull pillows is not hidden from anyone; these pillows are adjustable, allowing people to adjust the height of the pillow by adding or removing the hulls from the pillow.

Its easy adjustment will enable users to place their head and neck comfortably to the height to which they feel comfortable.

The buckwheat pillows consist of frames filled with hulls and sewed with the thread, so you can easily adjust the hulls by adding or removing from it.

The main advantage of a buckwheat hull pillow is its lasting use which enables users to take proper care of your pillow, then it can be used to whole life, and it can be used for an indefinite period. 

Dust and Mite Resistant

The hulls of buckwheat are naturally repellent to dust, bugs, and insects which makes it dust-free and anti-allergens allowing users to use the pillows comfortably and without any hassles.

These pillows prove to be an excellent choice for people who wish to get a comfortable sleep and don’t want to get into hassles. 

There are numerous benefits of buckwheat pillows which cannot be covered in this article and you will come to know about some of the benefits upon using the pillows for sleeping. These organic pillows don’t cost you much and proven for lasting use.

The environment-friendly pillows are widely available and are manufactured by lots of companies, so you can easily buy it online.

Before you conclude, it is better to read some of the cons of buckwheat pillow so that you can decide whether these are good to use for you or otherwise. 

What Are Disadvantages Of Buckwheat Hull Pillow?

So, if you are looking to know about the disadvantages of buckwheat hull pillows, then we are going to discuss some of them below, but truly speaking, we don’t term them as 

disadvantages rather we label them as hassles and pre-requisites of using buckwheat pillows, which you must be taken carefully, otherwise you would have to indulge into hassles.

In our opinion, these disadvantages are as follows:-

Not Easily Get Used To

Unlike traditional pillows, the buckwheat pillows are quite different in construction and use as well.

So, they provide different use and people don’t easily get used to these pillows.

You may irritate at the start of using such pillows, but it takes a lot of time to adjust with the pillows. 

Buckwheat Hull Odor

Naturally, buckwheat hull smells like a muddy and earth, so you have to deal with the smell of buckwheat hull when you start using the pillows and get used to it with time.

It is possible that you may not like it at the start, especially when the hulls were not properly roasted for use in pillows. 

Hulls Make Noise

Hulls filed in the frame of the pillows make some noise when you lay on them or move the head while sleeping, which may be annoying at the start but you can get used to it overtimes.

However, you will get used to it over time and will not get irritated with it. 

Not Washable Pillows

The buckwheat hull pillows are not washable and not resistant to water as well. If you exposure buckwheat hulls with water, then you will ruin it and make them less durable.

It has some weight and will not be easy to carry, these pillows for washing or cleaning them. 


The advantages of the buckwheat hull pillow are more than its disadvantages and the disadvantages can be overcome with regular use and its impact on your health.

If you make a detailed analysis of benefits and side effects of buckwheat pillow, then you will come to know that its side effects are avoidable and with little commitment to using these pillows, you can conveniently get used to these pillows and get a healthy sleep with it. 

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