What are 6 Most Popular Mattress Types and Which One Is Best for You?

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Since the advancement of technology in the manufacturing of mattresses worldwide, manufacturers are bringing innovative solutions and supportive mattresses to help users to get the desired level of comfort and get a healthy sleep at night. In this article, we will reveal the most popular mattress types and how they can help in getting you calm sleep.

Mattresses cater interests of different people like some like to have a comfortable mattress for their back pain, while others require a mattress to support their sleeping position.

So, companies are manufacturing various types of mattresses to fulfil the diverse needs of a range of customers. 

If you just search for a mattress, then you will find several mattress types offered by various brands. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of mattresses, their pros, and cons in terms of suitability for the customers. 

most popular mattress types

What Are Most Popular Mattress Types?

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Mattresses have many types that are being used by men, women, young and adults at the same time.

Some use polyurethane, foam or a combination of both with the help of chemicals to provide enough cushion, comfort, and support to people.

There are lots of people who suffer from sleep disorders due to health issues like neck and back pain, irritation and snoring while sleeping on a mattress, so they are more interested in getting a mattress which could help them in getting rid of pains and offer support for sleeping on a mattress.

Let’s us help you to know about different types of mattress which people can buy for convenience sleep. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

It is one of the types of mattress which is commonly used by people every day in homes today.

The mattress is made up of polyurethane in combination with the chemicals to make the surface of the mattress firm and help people to sleep calmly.

Memory foam was developed by NASA to provide safe seats for their pilots, it was later on adopted by leading mattress manufacturers to facilitate ordinary people with such mattress. 

Since memory foam mattresses are believed to aid for back pain and help to improve body posture and recommended by physicians and doctors as well.

Besides, it facilitates people with a lot of positive impact on the body. The memory foam mattress is quite good for the body and put a good impact on the body by providing sufficient heat to the body.

The mattress balances the body and gives it adequate support which is needed to give support to the body. 

Memory foam mattress comes with an adequate height that it can resist weight and pressure as well.

There are numerous benefits of memory foam mattress, but there are some cons which might harm the health such as chemicals and excessive heat emits out of the mattress. 

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is another type of mattress which adds another option for consumers looking for a mattress.

The mattress is made up of a sap that is extracted from the rubber tree and provides a good base for the surface.

Latex mattresses are more flexible and comfortable than other types of mattresses and more environment-friendly as they reduce carbon footprints.

Latex mattresses come free from the chemicals and don’t jeopardize your health in any form.

There are several health benefits of this mattress and it is recommended by lots of physicians and orthopedists.

The mattress distinguishes itself from the rest of the types by remaining cooler and has a better life. This is an odourless and friendly mattress available for consumers. 

Waterbed Mattress

This is the most expensive type of mattress and its use is limited in the market. The best thing about this mattress is it’s innerspring, which makes the surface of the mattress sturdy to balance the body posture.

The mattress is quite comfortable for people with back or neck pain and recommended by physicians.

Thus, it supports back in sleeping and quite useable for sleeping. We have so far discussed pros of this mattress, but there is a serious con you should know about and that is it can be punctured anytime. 

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is one of the popular types of mattress which is being used by the people to sleep.

These are great mattress to sleep on because it provides a lot of flexibility and ability to keep the spine straight to relax the muscles that ultimately make it possible to sleep calmly.

The mattress uses a steel coil spring in the mattress making the surface, flexible and supportive of the body weight.

The mattress is durable, gives better support and relaxes your body. These mattresses are commonly used by people in homes because it is cheap, easily available and easy to manage.

The downside of this mattress is its limited lifespan because it is vulnerable to excess weight and misuse can result in damage to the springs

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are not much in use because they have outdated and replaced by memory foam mattresses.

They were made up of poly foam without the involvement of any chemicals and their lives were limited.

A traditional foam mattress consists of two or three layers which ensure comfort and durability.

There isn’t any chemical used in the manufacturing of foam mattresses, so it is not harmful to use. 

Air Mattress

You might have heard of air mattresses or come across to read about it anywhere.

Air mattresses are inflatable beds that are made up of PVC materials and used as a bed for travelling and camping outside the home.

Air mattresses carry high quality and can serve as a full bed. The mattress edges itself in quality and usage as well as it doesn’t sag, provides enough firmness and low off-gassing.

It is one of the desirable mattresses for use on temporary usage and better to use for multiple purposes. 


Now you have come to know about various types of mattresses, their usage as well as features these mattresses have to let you decide about any of them and pick the most suitable one for use.

All these mattresses vary in features as well as in price, so you can buy any of your choice in the budget and bring the mattress at home.

All these are most popular mattress type and widely marketed by various companies and manufacturers for the facility to consumers. 

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